Bank of America Home Loan Interest Rate & Discounts for Clients

Guide on Interest Rate Under the Bank of America Home Loan Offer & the Discount

BANK OF AMERICA HOME LOAN – Here is a guide on the interest rate under this loan offer and the interest discount for clients.

Do you want to have a house and lot of your own soon? It is one of the best purchases or decisions you can ever make. Surely, most people want to have a house they can call their own.

A residential property is an excellent investment. Truths be told that the value of a house only appreciates as time goes. It is also an assurance that you and your family will always have a roof over your head. Whether it is big or small, a house you can call your own is really different.

However, another truth must be told that buying a house is a big decision that requires a huge amount of money. The fund needed depends on the area of the house, the location, and several other factors.

Bank of America Home Loan Interest
Photo Credit: Bank of America

Meanwhile, if you earn good and has a stable job, there are several turn tos for you so you can have your own house and lot soon. Among these are the loan offers of banks.

One of the banks in the United States that may assist you is the Bank of America. It offers housing loans for the purpose of mortgage, refinancing a residential property purchase, and funding of home equity.

Under the Bank of America Home Loan offer for equity, the current interest rate is 2.490% as the special introductory variable annual percentage rate (APR) for six (6) months. After it, the variable APR is at 4.700%.

There are interest rate discounts under the Bank of America Home Loan offer. Please refer to the discounts below:

  • 0.25% for automatic monthly payments
  • up to 0.75% for initial withdrawals
  • up to 0.375% for Preferred Rewards clients

Do you want to apply for the said loan offer? You may visit – Bank of America Home Loan Requirements To Prepare in Applying.

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