Bank of America Credit Card Offers 50,000 Online Bonus Points | Premium Rewards

Benefits of Bank of America Credit Card “Premium Rewards”

BANK OF AMERICA CREDIT CARD – The Premium Rewards credit card of the bank comes with 50,000 online bonus points and several other benefits.

A lot of people have realized the value of a credit card. It is one of the turn tos that you can prepare ahead of time for the unforeseen circumstances most especially medical emergencies. As long as you know how to handle it properly, you can obtain the best benefits of a credit card whether in your daily small transactions or big unexpected spendings.

When it comes to credit cards, there are different kinds. One of the types is the rewards card that allows credit cardholders to earn back a portion of what they are spending by using the card in making payments or purchases.

One of the banks in the United States that offer several types of reward cards is the Bank of America. One of the Bank of America credit card offers is “Premium Rewards”.

Bank of America Credit Card Premium Rewards

With the Bank of America credit card “Premium Rewards”, the credit cardholder gets a 50,000 online bonus points worth $500.00. According to the bank, there is no limit to the points you may earn in using the card for your spending and other transactions.

Furthermore, your points do not have an expiration no matter how long you would store them in an active credit card account. For every $1.00 spent on dining and travel purchases using your credit card, you will get two (2) points. For grocery spendings, you will get two (2) points for every $1.00 and then 1.5 points on the other purchases.

According to the Bank of America, if you will get Premium Rewards together with the Airline Incidental and TSA Pre Global Entry Statement Credits, you can get up to $200.00. You may also enjoy world class perks and privileges in traveling and as well as concierge services, luxury hotel services, and travel and purchase protections.

This credit card offer is open for online application. To get your card, you may apply for it online on the official website of the Bank of America.

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