Here’s the list of the best stocks or mutual fund for long-term investment. Hand pick by MoneySense. These stocks or mutual fund are companies with excellent reputation and can stand even the test of time. They are well-established with so much funds during difficult time. Investing in stock market or mutual fund is less risky [...]

In my previous episode on “The Formula of Saving Money” under the series “1 Million Peso Challenge in Investing in stock market and or mutual fund”, I talked about how to save money first before diving into investing in stocks or mutual fund. This time, we’ll discuss how to make one million in stock market [...]

3 Stock Trading Strategies to Outperform the S&P 500

Beating the market means earning an investment that is more than the performance of Standard & Poor’s 500 index, abbreviated as the S&P 500. Everybody tries to beat the market, but only a few succeed. It happens when you earn better than the yearly average of the stock market. Market experts used the phrase recommend [...]

Top 5 Blue Chips to Get Invested Before the Recession

A blue-chip is a stock in a company with national fame. It operates well in bad and good times. It maintains its profit, reliability in any economic condition. The most popular index that follows blue chips is the Dow Jones. Usually, big multinational companies are part of Blue chip. Blue chips generally sell good quality, [...]

Why Millennial Should Rent Instead of Buying a Home?

Millennial has become the generation of renting. A recent study has also shown that leasing is common among youth. But the questions emerge. Why do young people not favor buying houses? The main reason behind the renting trend is age and money. As millennials, you are between jobs. This switching sometimes requires moving to a [...]


Investment is a product, property, or business where money is spent on to get or expect some profit over time. This profit gain from the investing is known as a return. Investing can give you either a gain or a loss. Photo Credit: Tomorrow Makers Investment can also speed up the economic progress of a [...]

Top 5 ETF’s To Grow Your Money

What is the ETF? ETF is known as an exchange-traded fund. It is like a basket where you buy or sell securities through a firm or stock exchange. ETF is a popular choice for investors. It is an excellent choice for both long and short term investment. It is different from mutual funds. It also [...]