US Bank Credit Card: Visa Platinum Card comes w/ Zero Annual Fee

Features of US Bank Credit Card “Visa Platinum Card”

US BANK CREDIT CARD – Have you heard about the Visa Platinum Card offer of U.S. Bank which comes with zero annual fee for cardholders?

More and more people now are recognizing the value and benefits of credit cards. Truth be told that these are among the bank offers tainted with negative impressions because of some failed accounts of other credit cardholders.

When you have a credit card, it is important to exercise discipline since the card may open to a lot of credit opportunities and not being able to manage its usage well may leave you in debt. On the other side, it really has a lot of benefits for the cardholders.

Credit cards are among the best preparations for unforeseen circumstances. You can use it in unexpected hospital payments, to make sudden cash advances (depending on the card’s features), in paying for the utility bills, in helping your business grow, etc.

US Bank Credit Card: Visa Platinum Card

In the United States, one of the credit card offers that you may turn to is the US Bank credit card “Visa Platinum Card”. It comes with zero annual fee which is truly beneficial for the cardholders.

The following are the other benefits and features of the US Bank credit card “Visa Platinum Card”:

  • 0% introductory annual percentage rate (APR) on purchases and balance transfers for the first 20 billing cycles
  • cell phone protection if you choose to pay your monthly bill through the card
  • no annaual fee
  • fraud protection as you will be notified of unusual card activities
  • view your credit score anytime and anywhere through the bank’s mobile app
  • contactless transaction with its “tap” feature
  • handpick your due date
  • 27/7 access on your account
  • auto pay to avoid interest and late fees
  • digital wallet for convenient payment transactions

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