Bank of America Auto Loan: Are You Qualified To Apply For This Loan?

Guide on Bank of America Auto Loan Qualification & Requirements

BANK OF AMERICA AUTO LOAN – Here is a guide for you if you are planning to apply for an auto loan including the qualifications in applying.

Having your own car brings a lot of benefits. You can get to your destination at the time you need to be there and through a speed considered safe for you and your loved ones. Also, it is one of the preparations for emergency cases.

When it comes to convenience, truths be told that having your own vehicle brings 100% convenience in traveling. You can escape the crowded bus and you can stop by anywhere you want without the worries of additional spending for fair expenses.

You can buy a car cash or you may also apply for a loan. In the United States, several banks offer auto loans.

Bank of America Auto Loan

Here’s the Bank of America Auto Loan. It is open for the purpose of applying for a loan for the purchase of a brand new or a second-hand car. It is also open for refinancing purposes.

  • Dealer purchases
  • Refinancing of current auto loans
  • Lease buyouts
  • Private party purchase

Who are qualified to apply for Bank of America Auto Loan? To be eligible, the applicant must be:

  • at least 18 years old or has the ability to legally contract for an automatic financing in the state of residence
  • a US citizen or a resident alien whether permanent or non-permanent

To apply for the said loan offer of the Bank of America, the application must prepare the details about his or her address, Social Security number, employment information, income, email address, and U.S. citizenship status.

Aside from the said loan offer, the bank also offers credit cards. You may visit – BankAmericard Credit Card: The “No Penalty APR” Card for You.

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