SSA Medicare: Can I Apply for Part B Even If It’s Not Part of My Initial Enrollment?

Guide on SSA Medicare Coverage & Enrollment

SSA MEDICARE – Are you planning to get the Part B of Medicare Insurance but it was not part of your initial enrollment to the Social Security Administration (SSA)?

One of the best moves is to live in the present but be aware and prepare for the future. This decision does not only impact yourself but as well as your family or the people around you. It may determine how the next years of your life will be.

Let us say for example getting insured. Paying for a health insurance is something you can now in preparation for the future. Truths be told that aging sometimes come with a lot of health conditions and your medical needs might be twice of the check-ups you go through when you are in your 30s to 40s.

In the United States, many people get themselves insured under the Social Security Administration. More commonly called as SSA, they offer a health insurance with flexible options – the SSA Medicare.

SSA Medicare
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In applying for SSA Medicare, you can have the Part A or the Hospital Insurance alone or the complete Part A and Part B (Medical Insurance). The first part provides an assistance for inpatient care in a hospital or a medical facility. It also covers hospice care.

The Part B or the Medical Insurance covers the costs such as the doctor fees and the fees for other healthcare providers. Also part of its coverage is the outpatient care, durable medical equipment, home health care, and some preventive services as to SSA.

As mention earlier, you may apply for the Part A alone. The coverage of your plan determines the premium that you will be paying for. In the event that you want to add the Part B to your SSA Medicare but it was not part of your initial enrollment, it is allowed.

However, according to SSA, your Part B coverage may come later than the Part A and your monthly premium may increase 10% for every 12-month period of eligibility for Part B. Do you want to get the said health insurance? You may visit – Apply for Medicare Insurance To SSA – Here’s A Guide on How To Apply Online.

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