US Bank Credit Card: Excellent Features & Benefits of “Altitude”

US Bank Credit Card “Altitude” Got Excellent Offers

US BANK CREDIT CARD – Here is a guide on the excellent features and benefits of “Altitude”, a credit card offer of US Bank.

Credit cards are excellent preparations for the unexpected happenings despite its bad reputation. Truths be told that the card actually has very good purposes like being a turn to when an unforeseen payment came your way. However, many credit cardholders were not able to use theirs well and they were left in debts.

Most banks really make sure to give credit cardholders some advises on handling it. It is important to only use it on purchases you can afford and to be updated in paying your monthly bill.

If you have a credit card, you have something to turn to when financial emergencies take place. You can use it in paying your kid’s tuition, in buying groceries until the next payday, in paying for an unexpected hospitalization, etc.

US Bank Credit Card

In the United States, there are several banks that have multiple credit card offers. One of them is the US Bank and one of the excellent offers you may consider is the “Altitude”.

This US Bank credit card offer has excellent benefits including a 50,000 bonus points you can get by a minimum spent of $3,000.00 using the card in the first 120 days since the opening. It is equivalent to $500.00 and can be redeemed through gift cards, cash back, redeemable merchandise, travel, and a lot more.

It is just one of the many excellent benefits of “Altitude” credit card. Here are other offers of the said credit card:

  • 5x points on prepaid hotels, car rentals booked directly in the Altitude Rewards Center
  • 4x points on at gas stations and during travel
  • 2x points at grocery stores, dining, streaming services, and grocery deliveries
  • 1x point on other eligible purchases
  • $30.00 credit for yearly streaming services like Apply TV+, Netflix, Spotify, and a lot more.
  • TSA PreCheck or Global Entry – up to $100.00 in statement credits

Do you want to apply for the US Bank credit card “Altitude”? You may do it online – US Bank.

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