BBVA Business Term Loan: How Much You Can Borrow Under It

Guide on BBVA Business Term Loans Loanable Amounts

BBVA BUSINESS TERM LOAN – Here is a guide on how much you can borrow under these business term loans offered by the BBVA Bank.

Aside from investments, one of the things that helped uplift people in their financial status is a progressive business. Many individuals reached jaw-dropping success after their business worked out. However, truth be told that these people also took a huge risk before they attained success.

There are only two (2) ends in a business – the path of success and the dead-end of losing your capital or worst, being left in debts. Meanwhile, if you studied your chosen business well and the initial results show that it has the potential to come a long way, why not give it everything you can?

One of the common problems of businessmen is the lack of sufficient capital most especially the fund for expansion. Another common problem is the lack of money to purchase the equipment needed for better services.

BBVA Business Term Loan

You know what, BBVA Bank can help you with that. It has several business loan offers that can help you boost the operation of your business or expand it faster to achieve success in no time.

One of the loans offered by the bank is the BBVA Business Term Loan. It is a long-term lending solution that best suits the needs for working capital or the fund for equipment purchase. It offers low competitive rates and can be applied for even without collateral.

How much you can borrow under the BBVA Business Term Loan? The minimum loanable amount actually varies based on whether you will apply for a secured loan (with collateral) or an unsecured loan (non-collateral). here are the loanable amounts:

  • Secured Loans – $5,000+
  • Unsecured Loans – $10,000+

According to BBVA, under this loan offer, the maximum loan term is up to ten (10) years for businesses in the healthcare industry and five (5) years for other businesses. Do you want to get started on your application? You may visit the official website of the bank –

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