SSA Disability Benefits: Guide on the Required Credits in Availing It

Guide on SSA Disability Benefits Credit Requirements

SSA DISABILITY BENEFITS – Here is a guide on the required credits in applying for the disability benefit to the Social Security Administration.

A lot of Americans in the United States have made sure of their membership to the Social Security Administration. More commonly called as SSA, it is a state-run social insurance institution that provides a lot of benefits and offers for its members.

SSA members contribute monthly to the social insurance institution based on their salary. The eligibility of a member for the benefits and offers would depend on his or her total contribution to the government agency at the time of the application for a benefit or offer.

An SSA membership is one excellent plan for retirement. It can also be your “turn to” in times of unfortunate situations like a disability.

SSA Disability Benefits

A disability may come unexpectedly like getting it from an accident at work or anywhere. It can be devastating most especially for those who are the breadwinners of their families. Without something to turn to, life can be harder and one cannot focus on his or her treatment.

If you have an SSA membership, you may be qualified for the SSA Disability Benefits and you and your family can be assisted financially amid the ordeal. It does not cover partial and short-term disability but permanent disability.

According to the Social Security Administration, the required number of credits in applying for the SSA Disability Benefits is 40. Out of the said total number of credits, half of it or 20 of your credits must have been earned in the last 10 years before you were disabled.

Do you want to check on the SSA’s definition of disability or the coverage of the said benefit? You may visit – SSA Disability Benefit: Who Are Covered Under this SSA Benefit.

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