Cash Rewards Credit Card by BB&T? Check this “Spectrum” Card Offer

Guide on BB&T Cash Rewards Credit Card “Spectrum” Features and Benefits

CASH REWARDS CREDIT CARD – If you are looking for a credit card with excellent features, it’s a good choice to look at BB&T’s offer.

Nowadays, almost all banks got these two (2) sets of offers – loans and credit cards. Both can be excellent turn tos in case situations you don’t expect would take place.

However, one of the advantages of a credit card is that it is a ready turn-to and you don’t anymore have to apply for it when emergencies happen. Truths be told that the evaluation of a loan application may take several days but with a credit card in your wallet, you can swipe it anytime for payments and purchases.

Some credit cards even have cash advance features thus you can really take some funds based on your available credit limit. Other credit cards lets you earn while spending – the cash rewards credit card.

Cash Rewards Credit Card by BB&T
Screengrabbed” BB&T

BB&T is one of the banks with a cash rewards credit card offer. Its offer, the Spectrum, has excellent benefits and features such as the following:

  • earn rewards or cash backs in every spending using your card
    • 3% cash back on gas
    • 2% cash back on utilities and groceries
    • 1% cash back on other qualified purchases
  • enjoy 10% bonus cash when you redeem rewards into your BB&T checking or savings account
  • enjoy flexible rewards that is open for redemption as cash back, gift cards, statement credit, and a lot more
  • 0% introductory Annual Percentage Rate (APR) for 12 months on purchases and balance transfers
  • current variable APRs are between 13.24% to 22.24%
  • no annual fee

According to BB&T, if your monthly spending exceeds $1,000.00 in the 3% and 2% combined sections, you may also enjoy a flat cash back rate of 1%. Do you want to apply for this credit card offer? You may visit – BB&T Bank.

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