How to Invest in Stocks or Mutual Fund in the Philippines: A Beginner’s Guide

In our previous episode, we talked about “how to make one million in stock market or mutual fund”. This time we’ll talk about how to invest in stock market or mutual fund.

Once you decide to go into investing in stock market or mutual fund, the first thing that you need to do is to find a stock broker.

Here at MoneySense, we picked the top 5 stock brokers in the Philippines. Here it is:

  1. COL Financial (
  2. First Metro Sec (
  3. BDO Nomura (
  4. BPI Trade (
  5. Philstocks (

MoneySense is using COL Financial because it also offers mutual funds together with stocks. Some stock brokers don’t have mutual funds so you need to find one if you want to invest in it.

The best and well-known mutual fund company in the Philippines is Sun Life. Although of course there are so many other companies that you can choose to.

For a list of accredited mutual funds in the Philippines, visit

The video will only show you on how to open an account in COL Financial. At least you have an idea on what to do on other stock broker site if you select them.

Now, open in your favorite browser.

Once opened, scroll down at the bottom until you see “Get Started” then click “Open an Account”.

There are three steps to finish opening an account in COL.

They are:

  1. Ready your requirements
  2. Sign up and submit
  3. Fund your account

Under the requirements, you have to prepare 1 valid government-issued ID and your Tax Identification Number or TIN.

For foreigner who wants to trade or invest in the Philippines, here’s the requirements.

1 valid passport for non-resident and 1 valid passport and alien certificate of registration or work permit from DOLE for resident foreign applicants.

Once you have all the requirements, proceed to sign up.

Choose Option 1 if you want to sign up online. Otherwise, you have to download, print and fill out all forms using the link provided and submit it to COL business center.

Now, click sign up.

Re-read again the requirements and click get started.

Read the Online Securities Trading Agreement and click Agree.

Fill out all necessary text boxes especially those with asterisk and click next. Finish it until you reach Fill up Details.

After that, go back to Account-Opening Process and proceed to step 3 Fund your account.

There are four options here.

  • Online bills payment
  • Over-the-counter bills payment
  • COL business center
  • and overseas remittance

The most convenient way to fund your account is by sending the fund online.

Just click one of the option and follow the instruction.

Example, Bank of the Philippine Islands or (BPI).

First, you need to enroll COL Financial as a biller. Once enrolled, you can now proceed to transfer fund using the Pay Bills.

Whether you use BPI, BDO or any bank supported by COL Financial, the process is the same.

If you have any question, just comment below and I will be very glad to answer it during my free time.

In the next topic, I will discuss what stocks or mutual fund is best for investing.

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