US Bank Home Loan: How Much You May Borrow for Home Improvement

US Bank Home Loan Minimum & Maximum Loanable Amounts

US BANK HOME LOAN – Here is a guide on how much you may borrow under this loan offer for home improvement purposes.

While the value of a residential lot keeps on increasing, the value of the structure standing there may not if it is not maintained well. That is why many people really try to see to it that they go for home improvements from time to time.

Also, as years pass, some parts of your house will really need to be repaired. Fixing the damages or adding new features can bring both security and comfort to you and your family.

Don’t worry if you think your fund may not be enough to cover all the expenses for the house repairs and improvements. There are entities that you may turn to.

US Bank Home Loan

One of the banks that have a loan offer for the improvement of a residential property is US Bank. In fact, its offers cover a wide range of purposes related to residential properties.

With regards to the US Bank Home Loan offer for home improvement, it is a non-collateral offer. The property won’t be used as the collateral or you won’t need another qualified property to be able to qualify in applying for it. You may pay for the loan from 12 months up to 60 months.

The bank has provided details on the range of the loanable amounts. Here is a guide on how much you may borrow under the US Bank Home Loan for home improvement purposes:

  • Minimum Loanable Amount – $1,000.00
  • Maximum Loanable Amount – $50,000.00

Under this loan offer, there are no origination fees. There is also no prepayment penalty if you wish to finish your loan earlier than the term agreed. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is between 6.49% APR to 18.49% APR. Do you want to apply for this loan offer? You may visit –

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