Low Interest Credit Card? Here’s Bank of America’s “BankAmericard”

Enjoy the Low Interest Credit Card “BankAmericard” by the Bank of America

LOW INTEREST CREDIT CARD – Are you looking for a credit card with low interest rate? Here’s the “BankAmericard” offer of the Bank of America.

A lot of people have credit cards for emergency purposes. They only use it when unexpected payments or incidents requiring money take place. In the case of other credit cardholders, they use a credit card in their daily purchases as they have cashback credit cards so they earn a part of what they spend.

However, truths be told that there are negative impressions towards credit cards. It is because some credit cardholders were left in debts by uncontrolled and mismanaged spending.

Credit cards are really beneficial as long as you are disciplined enough in using it. In fact, some banks like the Bank of America got excellent offers.

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If you are looking for a low interest credit card? Bank of America has an excellent offer – the “Americard”. It is a perfect card for saving as it has no annual fee. You can save money from interest and get your balances down speedily.

Also, the said low interest credit card comes with no penalty annual percentage rate (APR) feature. Enjoy the 0% introductory rate for the first 18 billing cycles for purchases and balance transfers made within 60 days since you opened your account.

According to the Bank of America, after the 0% intro APR, the current variable APR is at 12.99% to 22.99%. Also, you may avail free update of your FICO Score account. You will also have free access on credit education topics that can help you in handling a credit card responsibly and effectively.

Do you want to apply for the said credit card offer of the Bank of America? The application can be done online. You may visit – www.bankofamerica.com.

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