Bank of America Credit Card: Unlimited Cash Rewards Card Up for Students

Bank of America Credit Card for Students Features and Benefits

BANK OF AMERICA CREDIT CARD – Are you looking for a credit card for your children? The Bank of America has an excellent cash rewards card.

Nowadays, a lot of parents prefer giving their children credit card access for emergency cases. There might be instances when an unexpected payment crosses the surfaces and the cash allowance is already allotted for specific things. The child may use his or her credit card to pay for it instead.

Also, a lot of parents want to track the expenses of their children outside the cash allowance given to them. Getting it charged and paid through a credit card is on excellent way to do it. There is a monthly billing you can check.

Are you one of those parents who are thinking about getting a credit card for your children? You may consider the Bank of America credit card offers for students.

Bank of America Credit Card

One of the Bank of America credit card offers features “unlimited cash rewards for students”. With this card, you get a portion back of what was spent using the card.

According to the bank, the cardholder will earn 1.5% cash back on all your purchases and there is no limit to both the amount of cash back you can get and the validity of your rewards. Also, it features a free access to FICO Score within Online Banking or the Mobile Banking app.

The Bank of America also cited the benefit of handling a credit card well. According to the bank, it can help build the credit history of the cardholder which can, later on, be of benefit to the cardholder in getting an apartment, a car, and even finding a job. There is a convenient application for this credit card offer as it can be done online. You may visit the official website of the Bank of America.

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